Tuesday, July 19, 2016

30 Ideas for Dorm Bedding for Girls

It's almost time to head off to college.  Some of you are leaving for the first time (So Exciting!) and some of you are returning to continue on your journey for future success.  Either way, you'll need a comfy place all your own for you to rest, study and relax during the busy days ahead.  At Anderson Avenue, we are avid believers that any bedroom decor starts with the foundation of beautiful bedding and you can easily build from there.  Cut corners where you can, with lamps, accent furniture and accessories but, make sure you LOVE your bed.  We also believe, a comfortable night of sleep is one of the most important and productive things you can do for yourself on a daily basis.  Add to that, the feeling of crawling in and out of a beautiful bed that envelops you inside and out and, at the same time, reflects your unique sense of style.  With those ingredients, we say you've got a good recipe to start out each day with an attitude for success.

In an attempt to stick with our strong beliefs, we have mixed and matched to pull together 30 sophisticated dorm bedding ideas for the girls who love beautiful spaces.  We've started each idea with our yummy, vintage style diamond linen quilts and pillow shams in solid colors and, from there, we have added different accent throw pillows and coordinating throws to give a little pop and class to each collection.  Here's a few things to note about our selections:

1.  We chose the diamond linen quilts because they are absolutely beautiful, provide year round comfort, are durable to last you throughout your college years and they wash easily (important).
 2.  We started with a simple, solid foundation and tried to incorporate texture, color and patterns to suit many different design styles. When you get ready for a change, you can keep the solid bedding and simply change the pillows, sheets and/or throws to give your bed a whole new look.
3.  This year, Faux Fur is in!  We know that college girls like to be on top of current styles so we have incorporated faux fur pillows and throws in many of our looks for the texture and snuggly softness it brings to your time away.  However, you can substitute another style of pillow or throw in it's place if the pillow we chose doesn't suit your design taste.
4.  Neutrals and grays are hot so we have mixed up the selections with those color palettes a few different ways but we also have some ideas that give a pop of color as well.
5.  We suggest you get an idea of what would bring your future space alive the most and still keep you in love with your bed.  Is it a drab space that needs a lot of color?  Would the soft neutrals tone down the hard space and add elegance? 
6.  Most Important....... This is your first real venture of being on your own and, more than anything, we want your luxury bedding to reflect your unique, personal style and your new found independence.  If we can help you in your selection, please let us know.  We are happy to help you get it just the way you want!


Turquoise Diamond Linen Quilt and Sham, Mongolian Fur Throw and Pillow and Augusta Accent Pillows
The black and white accent pillows are from our Augusta collection.
White Diaamond Linen Quilt and Sham, Mongolian Fur Grey Throw and Pillow, Kerrington Euro Sham, Charlotte Accent Pillow
Kerrington Euro Sham & the Charlotte accent pillow

white diamond linen quilt, Mongolian fur throw in taupe, Augusta decorative pillows
Augusta Euro and accent pillows, fur throw in taupe

Vintage White Diamond Linie Quilt and pillow sham, Mongolian Fur throw and pillow, Monterey bedding accent pillows
Euro and embroidered pillow from the Monterey bedding collection

white diamond linen quilt, capri bedding euro and accent pillows from hiend accents
Capri accent pillows and Euro sham

white diamond pattern linen quilt, Catalina bedding pillows, Mongolian Fur Pillow in White
Catalina bed scarf, Euro and decorative throw pillows

White linen quilt, Prescott striped Eruo, Piedmont Pillow, Newport Fluer De Lis pillow, Monoglian Fur in taupe
Prescott Euro, Piedmont taupe pillow, Newport Fleur de Lis, Taupe throw

vintage white diamond pattern quilt, white mongolian fur pillow, Augsta Euro Sham and throw pillow
Augusta bedding throw pillow, neckroll and Euro Sham
Augusta bedding black bird toile euro sham and decorative throw pillows
Augusta bedding throw pillow, neckroll and toile Euro Sham

Kerrington bedding collection euro and gray accent pillow, Gray Mongolian Faux Fur Pillow and Throw
Kerrington Euro and round accent pillow, Grey Mongolian Faux Fur

cream diamond pattern linen quilt, Piedmont Euro sham and accent pillow, taupe mongolian faux fur throw
Piedmont Euro and decorative throw pillow, taupe fur, Cream quilt

Seafoam linen quilt, Arlington Euro sham and decorative throw pillow, white monogolian faux fur throw and pillow
Arlington Euro sham and throw pillow, Seafoam linen quilt

Arlington paisley Euro sham and throw, Arlington velvet pillow, Vintage White linen quilt and pillow sham
Arlington Euro, throw and decorative throw pillow

Casablanca bedding pillows, Cream Sheep Faux Fur throw and pillow, Cream diamond linen quilt
Casablanca Euro sham, neckroll and accent pillow, Sheep Faux Fur

San Angela Leopard Euro sham, leopard print throw, San Angelo teal velvet pillow, cream faux fur pillow, cream linen quilt
San Angelo Leopard Euro, leopard throw and velvet pillow, Cream quilt

Fairfield Euro sham, Fairfield throw, Fairfield script pillows, Wolf faux fur pillow, vintage white linen quilt and sham
Fairfield Euro sham, throw and linen script pillows, Wolf faux fur,

Belmont bedding pillows from HiEnd Accents, mongolian faux fur in white, vintage white diamond linen quilt and pillow sham
Belmont Euro and decorative throw pillows

red diamond linen quilt and pillow sham, black mink faux fur pillow, Augusta Euro Sham, Good Night decoratve pillow from HiEnd Accents Bedding
Black mink fur pillow, Augusta Euro, Good NIght pillow

Capri bedding Euro Sham and decorative throw pillows, White Mongolian Faux Fur, Vintage White diamond linen quilt and pillow sham
Capri Euro and decorative throw pillows, White Mongolian Fur
Fairfield Bedding Script Euro sham, Fairfield throw, neckroll and decorative pillow, taupe Mongolian faux fur throw
Fairfield Script Eruo, neckroll and accent pillow, Fairfield throw, Taupe Fur

Alamosa teal leopard euro sham, throw and decorative throw pillow, cream linen quilt, cream Mongolian faux fur pillow and throw
Alamosa leopard Euro sham, throw and accent pillow, cream Mongolian fur

Dakota knit throw and decorative throw pillow, black faux fur pillow, Augusta Euro Sham, Vintage White linen quilt
Dakota knit throw and accent pillow, Augusta Euro sham, Black fur pillow

Whistler grey velvet Euro sham, Charlotte throw pillow, gray mongolian faux fur throw and pillow, vintage white linen quilt and pillow sham
Whistler velvet Euro, gray faux fur, Charlotte decorative pillow

Grey diamond linen quilt, Charlotte shades of gray pillow, Piedmont link pillow, white mongolian faux fur pillow and throw
Charlotte embroidered pillow, Piedmont white and grey pillow and gray quilt

Augusta taupe linen Euro sham and decorative throw pillows, taupe mongolian faux fur throw, vintage white linen quilt and pillow sham
Augusta Euro and decorative pillows, taupe Mongolian fur throw

Alamosa teal leopard Euro sham, Alamosa cross pillow, teal linen quilt and pillow sham, cream Mongolian faux fur pillow and throw
Alamosa leopard Euro sham and cross pillow, teal quilt, cream fur

Casablanca Euro sham, neckroll and accent pillow, sheep faux fur pillow and throw, vintage white linen quilt and pillow sham
Casablanca Euro sham, neckroll and accent pillow, Sheep faux fur

Charlotte Euro sham and decorative throw pillows, faux fur pillow, white diamond pattern linen quilt and pillow sham
Charlotte Euro sham & throw pillows, chinchilla fur or white fur or taupe fur

Prescott red striped Euro sham, red diamond linen quilt, Good Morning Pillow from HiEnd Accents
Prescott Red Euro sham, red quilt, Good Morning accent pillow

Prescott Navy striped Euro sham, Monterey decorative throw pillows, Vintage white linen quilt and pillow sham
Prescott Navy Euro, Monterey throw pillows

How to assemble your luxury bedding pieces to create a unique and beautiful bedding set
Choose your bedding basics and add on your decorative throw pillows

Diamond pattern linen quilt sizes, Twin, Full Queen and King, Colors: Grey, Turquoise, Red, Cream, Khaki, Vintage White and Seafoam
All quilts in Full/Queen & King sizes, white, red and turquoise also in Twin

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Onesole Shoes: Check out these NEW Interchangeable Shoes

 We know our loyal Onesole Shoe customers are going to love the latest additions to our Onesole Interchangeable Shoe Collection.  The Maddie Sole is a gorgeous 4.75 inch heel with a platform design.  This is a WOW! sole that is certain to draw attention.  The Sassy sole has a tapered 2 1/2 inch heel and is versatile enough for every day casual and evening glamour.  It's a nice heel for those who love the Chic but wanted a slightly lower heel for greater comfort and travel.  The Snappy sole is sure to be a hit.  It's a 1 inch wedge that is super comfortable for endless wearing.  It's perfect for long days of walking or standing and of course, with the right interchangeable top, it can be dressed up for the evening.  This is a must have sole for travel.  The Snappy is also going to be a welcomed addition to those women who simply cannot wear heels due to foot issues.  All of our new soles feature the same great EVA Conforming Soft Step Insole which conforms to your foot and provides the ultimate in comfort.  The soles are made of a durable polyurethane so they will last for years.  Each sole includes one solid comfie top and of course we have many more to choose from. 

Also, due to customer demand, we are now offering our popular starter sets in the Traveler and Leisure.  Both are proven best sellers and the starter sets are perfect for starting your collection with either style.  The starter set includes a pair of Onesole Shoes, one solid comfie top and your choice of two additional tops from the following selections: Solid Tops, Junior Princess Tops,  Silkscreen Tops, Custom Design Tops or Grommet Tops.  We know that once a customer tries a pair of Onesole Shoes, they are hooked.  They are fun, stylish, easy to travel with and we offer over 600 Onesole Tops to keep your looks fresh and ever changing.

Maddie Sole from Onesole Shoes, Interchageable Shoes
Maddie Onesole Shoe in Cafe and Black

The Sassy Sole by Onesole, Onesole Interchangeable Shoes
Sassy Onesole in Black, Dark Cafe and Walnut

Onesole Snappy Shoe, One sole Shoes,
Snappy Onesole Shoe in Black

Traveler Starter Set, Onesole Interchangeable Shoes and Tops
Now Available! Onesole Traveler Starter Set

Leisure Starter Set by Onesole Shoes, Interchangeable Shoes and Tops
Now Available! Onesole Leisure Starter Set

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Introducing Five New Michael Amini Bedding Collections

We are excited to introduce these 5 new collections from Michael Amini Bedding.  There is a little something here for every taste.  Greys, swirls, neutrals, pops of color, simple, masculine and even a touch of fur.  What we love about Michael Amini Comforter Sets is that they are sold in complete packages with all the accent pillows included.  However, Michael Amini bedding is unique in that it is not like the typical "bed in a bag".  This bedding is top quality, designer bedding.  The folks at Michael Amini have done all the work to make it easy and affordable for any consumer to have luxurious bedding at a fraction of the cost, without sacrificing any quality or details.  Fine fabrics, excellent tailoring and gorgeous trims are well thought out for each collection.  Our customers continue to rave about how much they love having their Michael Amini bedding collection(s) in their home.  We think these five collections will stay true to the Michael Amini brand and our customer's expectations.  We hope you will enjoy browsing these and the other collections available. Please contact us if you need any assistance with a bedding purchase for your home. 

Shop all Michael Amini Bedding

Michael Amini Melrose Park Bedding
Melrose Park

Michael Amini Harper Bedding Set

Michael Amini Captiva Bedding

Michael Amini Lucianna Bedding

Michael Amini Tucson Bedding