Sunday, November 18, 2012

A Rockin' Holiday Gift

 Our rocking chairs are a customer favorite holiday gift.  There is still plenty of time to order for Christmas delivery!  Beautiful Bob Timberlake finishes, custom color options, several comfortable styles and sizes and these are all made in North Carolina, USA!  Several styles include Free Shipping as well!  Shop these and more:

5 Farm Road Custom Rocking Chair, Outdoor Rocking Chair
5 Farm Road Custom Rocking Chair

Bob Timberlake Rocking Chairs for Kids and Adults

Bob Timberlake Lodge Rocker in Late Snow

The Bob Timberlake custom finishes provide a beautiful, distressed look. 

Shop our large selection of Outdoor Wooden Rocking Chairs

Monday, September 17, 2012

Wine Glass Lanyards Party Pack

Wine Glass Lanyards are a fun and clever way to keep up with your wine glass.  The lanyard holds a wine glass or a canned beverage.  Our Party Pack is perfect for your next gathering and includes 24 Lanyards.  Buy a Mixed Party Pack or 24 of the same style in our Single Style Party Packs!  You can also purchase the Wine Glass Lanyards in Packs of 2 as well.

Wine Glass Lanyards by Picnic Plus


Personalized Fall Flags

Add a personalized touch to your Fall decor with one of these beautiful personalized house flags.  

Monogrammed House Flags, Personalized House Flags

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

New Personalized Phone Cases

Show off your PERSONAL style with these Personalized Phone Cases from Clairebella!  With over 70 designs to choose from plus many fantastic kids patterns, you're sure to find a fabulous pattern just right for you!
Monogrammed Phone Case by Clairebella
Shop these Personalized Phone Cases and more

Monogrammed Phone Case by ClairebellaClairebella Houndstooth monogrammed phone casePersonalized Diamond cell phone case by ClairebellaPersonalized Clairebella Phone CaseBoys personalized iphone and iPod touch case by Clairebella

Friday, March 16, 2012

NEW! Kids Outdoor Chaise Lounge with Umbrella

This adorable Kids Chaise Lounge with it's charming Striped Canvas Umbrella is giving us a serious case of spring fever!  The weather is in the 80's here in Atlanta today and flower buds are popping out every where.  As soon I saw this new product photo, I had to get outside and look around.   Just thinking of the sweet little giggles and a face full of pride that a chair like this can give a child is priceless.  And the great part is, it's beautiful!  Parents or Grandparents will be just as proud to display such a delightful piece of outdoor furniture in their yard or on the patio.  It really is a perfect spot for a moment's rest from the world of child's play.

Constructed of weather resistant wood and finished with a honey stain, it includes the matching striped canvas umbrella and chaise cushion.  Priced at $95 with Free Shipping.

Kids Chairs, Outdoor Kids Chaise Lounge by KidKraft 

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Exclusive Sale

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This Exclusive Sale is good through March 17, 2012.  Subscribe to our Catalog/Mailing List and get your Coupon Code for a discount on your purchase today.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Valentine's Story, from the heart

I was so touched by my little boy last night that I wanted to share this sweet story.  Yes, I will say, I am incredibly proud but in the midst of so many heartbreaking stories of bullying and teen suicide I feel it's a sweet and hopeful story to share.

Let me begin by saying that my six year old son is "All Boy" as they say.  However, I will admit that he has a sensitive, empathetic side and does not like to see people hurting in any way.  But should you offer him anything pink, girly or something that slightly resembles a girl themed item and he will boldly shout "NO, I don't want that, that's for girls".  It amazes me how quickly kids learn boy vs. girl in school.  Preschool, might I add.  He currently has a SERIOUS, but secret, crush on an older woman, she's in first grade, he's in Kindergarten.  He no longer has many girl "playmates" and we just had our first all boy birthday party at his request.  All of this to say that he definitely has boundaries and opinions on the subject when it pertains to himself.  Which makes the story that much sweeter....

Last night we were finishing up his Valentines for school today.  We had purchased two sets of Valentines.  For the girls, we picked out some cute monkey Valentine’s Day cards that come with a cute monkey tattoo and for the boys we chose Star Wars Valentines that include a Star Wars pencil.  As we were separating out the cards and names of his classmates, my little boy said to me, in a matter of fact tone "you know Mommy, a boy in my class (leaving the name out) really likes pink and girl stuff and I think he would be really happy getting the girly monkey Valentine".  He said it with a thoughtful heart and absolutely no judgment.  Trying to be cool, I kept my head down and said "OK, great, let's pick out the one you think he'd like best".  Inside I was beaming and I had to pause and smile to myself (and later offer a big-just-because-hug).  For me, it was a proud moment.  For him, it was just any other moment and it made him happy to make his friend happy.

As we all know, a child can say some of the funniest, most candid and honest things.  But, knowing my son's feelings of pink girly stuff for himself, yet not having any judgment for another boy's differences makes me so proud today.  I only hope that as he continues through his school years he can maintain this respect of differences in his peers and people in general.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

A List of our 15 Best Selling Items for 2011

The numbers are in and, while some of the items on the list surprised us by making their way as top sellers, others were a no brainer.  We have a very diverse selection of products at Anderson Avenue so it is exciting to see that we are reaching customers equally in different categories.  That's quite a task for our marketing guys.  Also, it was a tight race for several of the top spots this year with number 15 ending in a tie of kids chairs.  Some categories were pretty balanced among colors or styles but a couple had clear first place winners and we listed those.  Thanks again for a great 2011.  It was definitely a growing year for us as we redesigned our website, strategized for new customer programs and products and realized some growing pains in the process.  However, our customers have been amazing in supporting us and growing with us.  You're AWESOME!  Thanks so much!

1.  Interchangeable Onesole Shoe Tops - Shop Onesole Now

2.  Trellis Lapper Trays - Shop Trellis Lappers Now

3.  Personalized Car Mats - Shop Monogrammed Car Mats Now
4.  Michael Amini Elizabeth Bedding Collection - Shop Elizabeth Bedding Now

5.  Michael Amini Portofino Bedding Collection - Shop Portofino Bedding Now

6.  Jackson Rocking Chair - Shop the Jackson Rocker Now

7.  Tuxedo Lapper Trays  - The Tuxedo is currently out of stock but you can shop our other great styles of non-slip Lappers

8.  Kids Sleepover Sofa - Shop Sleepover Sofas Now

9.  Michael Amini Nobel Philippe Bedding Collection - Shop Nobel Philippe Now

10.  Original Personalized Kids Tee - Shop The Original Tee Now

11.  Stars Personalized Kids Cape - Shop Kids Capes Now

12.  Personalized Fleece Headbands - Shop Monogrammed Headbands Now

13.  Red Insulated Market Baskets - Shop Market Baskets Now

14.  Bob Timberlake Cottage Rocker - Shop Bob Timberlake Rockers Now

15.  A Tie!  Kids Recliners and Personalized Rocking Chairs - Shop Kids Recliners or Kids Rockers Now

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Personalized Valentine Tees

 These adorable personalized tees are perfect for your sweet Valentine!  They are available in Onesies, Kids Tees, Adult Tees and even for the family pet.  There are several different Valentine designs to choose from and you can add a name and/or an initial to make it extra special.  Get one for Nana (or Grandma) or Grandpa and put the Grand Kids names around it.  A perfect and thoughtful gift that will keep on giving.  Order your Personalized Valentine Tees soon as they take 2-3 weeks for delivery.  Shop Now

Personalized Valentine Tees are available in Onesies, Kids Tees, Adult Tees and Dog Tees

Show your best pooch how much you love them this Valentine's Day with their very own Personalized Dog Tee

Thursday, January 5, 2012

A Sneak Peek at what's to come in 2012!

     Welcome 2012!  We are so excited for all the new things coming to Anderson Avenue this year.  While we cannot post them all today, here’s a sneak peek at a few.
  1. New Shipping System – More precise calculations of shipping costs and more items with FREE SHIPPING!
  2. Customer Registration – allows you to check out quickly with your Yahoo!, Google or AOL account info and it is completely optional.
  3. Fabulous NEW products in our Home Accents and Kids categories.
  4. New Luxurious Bedding Collections for Adults, Teens, Kids and Babies.
  5. More Private Sales for our Facebook Fans, Blog followers and those on our email list.  Be sure you are on one of these subscriptions as they will be private sales.

Beautiful Home Accents including tables, accent chairs, consoles and more.

New Luxury Bedding Collections for Adults, Teens, Kids and Babies.

Check us out on Facebook

We are very relieved and excited to announce that we are currently in the process of implementing a new shipping system to our website.  This will provide precise calculations for shipping costs and allows us to offer more items with FREE SHIPPING without having to use a coupon code. 

 Again, this is just a sneak peek.  There are many more exciting thing in the works as well and we'll keep you updated as we progress.