Sunday, October 30, 2011

Simple DIY Halloween Decor

A message from Dana:

Happy Halloween from all of us at Anderson Avenue!  On this eve of Halloween, we are scurrying to costume parties and making last minute preparations for another special day of Trick or Treating.  As an update to an earlier post, I thought I would share my little boy's costume for this year and some fun, but easy, DIY Halloween decor.

I was sure we were in for a season of Star Wars this year but as it turns out, my five year old has become obsessed with the Pirates of the Caribbean.  In our search for costumes we found the kid's versions were not as authentic as the adults and he was not really loving the idea of me making him a costume.  So, we settled on a Pirate Ghost.  It all a bit of a shock this year, just how big he's getting.  The days of sweet costumes are quite possibly done and he came home from school this week with an even bigger announcement...... his two bottom teeth are loose.  While he's ecstatic about his leap into big boyhood,  I am feeling a little discomfort in my stomach about it all.  Funny to many of you, I know.  But he's my only and I just adore every moment I get.  I hope each of you will enjoy your Halloween as much as we do and make it a safe and memorable holiday for you and your family.

I am amazed at how we got from the little Pirate to this big Pirate Ghost in 3 short years

Pirate Swagger

Simple, but fun, DIY Halloween Decor Ideas




Thursday, October 27, 2011

Remembering Ava - 1 year later

Today Anderson Avenue remembers a special child, Ava Sentell.  She lost her battle with Cancer one year ago today at the age of 4.  She was very close to our Anderson Avenue family and it's because of her we have joined the fight against Childhood Cancer with the Rally Foundation.  For more information about her and other children who battle cancer or to join the fight for this underfunded cause, visit

Ava was a brave 4 ½ year-old who was only two weeks away from starting pre-kindergarten when she was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. She had developed a large bump on her head that persisted for nearly two weeks, and a precautionary CT scan showed that she had several bleeds on her brain. From there on out, each day brought on more devastating news as her family learned that she had tumors in her heart, liver, both kidneys, spleen and adrenal gland. Within three days of her first scan, she began her first round of chemo, and her family was suddenly tossed into the world of childhood cancer. All of the pathology tests have been completed and were inconclusive, so her cancer has been called Undifferentiated Sarcoma. Her family was told they might never have an exact diagnosis.  Despite some promising results from chemo, Ava lost her battle 3 months after she was diagnosed.  She leaves two incredible parents, Casey and Christina and her treasured little brother Dylan who will continue to honor by fighting the cause in hope there will soon be a cure.

Ava would always tells her family that she loves everybody, even people she does not know.  She was a spunky spirit with diva style and a million dollar smile.  Today we remember her and send our prayers and love to her family as they struggle to move forward.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A smile to smile about

Cody McCasland crossing the line in his #24 Jeff Gordon running legs
Born into this world with countless issues, given 24 hours to live, doctors had predicted that the tiny newborn baby would not be able to survive.  Not only has Cody McCasland survived, he has overcome!  He has already impacted this world more than most of us will in a lifetime.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

A Child's Chair Is Special

Giving children a space to call their own is not only important for a child but its considered a treasured gift to a child. As you know, children often mimic their parents or their more "grown up" loved ones as they are learning and growing. Children are also subjected to constant direction from authority figures. Giving them their own space such as a kids chair or kids rocking chair is one way to make them feel special and loved as well as  giving them freedom to act "grown up", bringing them great pleasure and a sense of control. At Andy Land For Kids (aka Anderson Avenue) we have searched out some of the top quality kids chairs and kids rocking chairs for our customers. We know that, not only do children love a chair of their own, but, they are still kids and giving them lower quality furniture will only bring disappointment if it cannot withstand the wear and tear of kids being kids. Our kids chairs and kids rocking chairs offer a range of prices, styles, sizes and colors.  These upholstered kid's chairs are made right here in the USA and offer custom options to suit your child and your home. While the chair is for the child's enjoyment, we realize that it also has to fit into your home environment. The designer fabric choices available will give you options that fit in to any home decor.  We hope you will enjoy shopping our selection of kids chairs and that you find just the perfect chair for your child and your home. We are certain that it will be as exciting for you give the special gift of a kids chair as it will be for the child who is receives it.